Revive Your Parenting 101

Applying the C.P.R. Philosophy with Compassion, Patience, and Respect

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We believe that overall family development enhances your experience as a parent!

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The Revive Your Parenting 101 Course is the foundational step to set your whole family on the right path.

This is the 1st course in a 3 part series to help you build on your parenting skills.

I’m just going to come out and say it. Parenting is hard. You are trying to raise competent, functional human beings and guide them in their decision making until they can make the right choices on their own. All the while, you are juggling schedules, planning and preparing meals, cleaning, tending to laundry, working, and caring for the health and needs of your family, pets, and yourself. You are stretched thin, stressed out, and sometimes it affects your parenting.

We’ve all been there. We’ve yelled a little too loud, a little too often. We’ve rolled our eyes, or heavily sighed at yet another question from our child. We’ve dismissed our child’s feelings because we were in a hurry, or didn’t want to make a scene. It happens to everyone at some point or another, but if it’s happening more and more often, you may need to administer C.P.R. to your parenting.

I developed the C.P.R. philosophy over the past 25 years as the basis of my approach to creating and maintaining healthy parent/child relationships. The C.P.R. for parents philosophy can be applied to children of any age from infants to teens and even adults.

Is this course for me even if my child is 2 years old or a teenager? YES!

What will I learn from this course?

You will learn how to

  • Revive Your Parenting

  • Demonstrate Compassion, Patience, and Respect

  • Understand Your Child’s Behaviors

  • Develop a Behavior Management Plan

  • Understand the Importance of Observation

  • Establish Rules and Be Consistent

  • Administer Consequences Correctly

  • Controlling Your Emotions

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The Revive Your Parenting 101 course may be all that you need to make the shift you are looking for in your family. However, every family has different challenges and situations, which is why this is the 1st course in a 3 part series to help build on your parenting skills. At the end of the series you will have broad set of tools that you can apply to any situation that you encounter.

Things are fine at home.

Will I still find this course useful?

Absolutely! This course is about digging deeper into your parenting skills to provide your child new opportunities to enhance the following Emotional Intelligence life skills:

  • Self-Management = manage emotions & reactions

  • Self-Awareness = build self-confidence
  • Relationship Skills = build mutual respect

  • Decision Making = make good choices

  • Social Awareness = build sense of community

  • Personal Responsibility = take ownership of choices

  • Optimistic Mindset = learn to win & to fail

  • Goal-Oriented Behavior = Set short & long-term goals

The Revive Your Parenting 101 course may be all that you need to make the shift you are looking for in your family. However, every family has different challenges and situations, which is why this is the 1st course in a 3 part series to help build on your parenting skills. At the end of the series you will have broad set of tools that you can apply to any situation that you encounter.

Throughout these courses my time-tested coaching and 7 Master Steps will help you:

  • Decrease Tantrums

  • Improve Children's Behavioral Problems

  • Break the Negative Patterns

  • Improve Your Relationship with Your Child

  • Redefine the Problem

  • Create Alternatives

  • Condition New Behaviors

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Thank you, Terry.This has been a fantastic experience and I feel so much more confident about having independent, productive kids. I truly feel like you've enabled us to enjoy each other's company. That is just a huge statement for me. I have always loved my children, but the truth is that I have not always liked to be around them. I faced quite a bit of resistance in getting them to cooperate with simple requests and that made the time we spent together less enjoyable. After working with you, I feel like we have been able to make strides that I didn't even think were possible. It's so much easier to see the positive qualities in my kids now and I'm looking forward to spending more and more family time together. I'm feeling more confident in my role as a parent and in their own abilities. That is such a huge blessing for us. Thank you thank you thank you!
Alison & Tyler

My husband and I contacted Terry to help us solve a sleep issue with our daughter that we have been dealing with for a few years. We were so pleased that our work with Terry, using her C.P.R. for Parents® philosophy has not only solved our sleep issues but given us new strategies to help with other behavioral issues. We are thrilled with the results, which are a much happier, cooperative child and thus, a much happier family.

Kim S.

Thank you again Terry, it's been amazing establishing a routine at home. For the last fifteen months I have been struggling to keep my business open because while at work I am consumed with the thought of Alex and the girls having a rough time and then getting home and sleeping on the floor or couch. In the last week I have managed to uplift my team of employees because I can function at work. I've been able to get back on track with some major projects and focus on getting the business out of the hole I dug. I've shared your information in my Columbus Father's of twins group and will continue to share your passion and excellence with any parents I know. You are a Rockstar.And the best part is I have my wife back. It's been a long fifteen months without her!

Alex T.

Terry was such a blessing for our relationship and our family. We wish we had called her long before we finally did. Her suggestions and advice helped immensely! Our kids know we aren't going to give 20 warnings any more and they each look forward to our mom/dad date nights to reward them for being contributing members of our family and helping out without being reminded. (The marble jar suggestion has been fantastic!). Thanks to Terry, we are better, more confident parents and spend a lot more time enjoying our kids, instead of yelling at them all the time. If someone is putting off calling Terry, don't wait! She is worth every penny and so helpful.Thanks!

Susan & Steve

Your Instructor

Terry Manrique
Terry Manrique

Terry Manrique is an Expert Parent & Relationship Coach with 25 years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education. After working 17 years as a teacher and Program Director at a private, art integrated early childhood education center, she decided to start her business in April 2011 coaching families in their homes. As the successful owner of Working with Parents®, LLC, Terry has helped countless families across the United States improve and transform their relationships using her C.P.R. for Parents® philosophy, a variety of parenting methods and proven behavior management practices.

Terry is the author of Revive Your Parenting, C.P.R. for Parents®, A Philosophy based on Compassion, Patience, and Respect and Change Your Perspective, Improve Your Parenting. Her experience has allowed her to… provide parents with a crash course in Early Childhood Development, help parents better understand how their children think, and empower them to be empathetic to what their child’s needs are. Understanding your child and knowing WHY they behave the way they do can eliminate the frustration many parents face.

Terry is Certified by The Gottman Institute, Certified by Tony Robbins Team in Strategic Intervention-Relationship Coaching and Certified in Early Childhood Education. She continues to enrich her studies by keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing needs of children.

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